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By - Patrick

The creative process

Creating a new design is always exciting.

First you have to find inspiration from someone or somewear in your creative process.
In my case, I wanted to bring out a funny Santa Claus.

We start with the hat where I went with a classic American Santa.
Then i wanted you not to see the eyes without the beard coming straight out of the hat.
In order for the picture to be a little fun, the Santa must have a big nose that comes out from under the hat.

I thought a bit about how to do with the body but quickly felt that a heart-shaped body can be a little fun. And after all this is the time of love and sharing :)
Santa Claus in making
Of course he also got a belt and some feet.
And must not forget shadows on both the body and the beard for an 3d effect.
I have my own style that you can often find through most of my designs.

I also added the text Santa Claus in the background to give the image a depth.

Santa Claus finished
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