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By - Patrick

To use popular topics for a design

I will never make a design based on something that is viral and just for the moment. I would rather make a design that lasts a long time. There is definitely a lot of money to be made but what is the joy in your design then?

Swedish Fika is something that has become nationally recognized and something that Swedes often use daily.

I saw this as a perfect object for a design as this is an expression I use myself all the time.

But as with all popular subjects, it is difficult to find a unique design that appeals to many people.

I sell a lot tees on the Spreadshirt website.

There you can also find other things like mugs, hats and other things that you can put your design on.

Spreadshirt has a really good function and it is that they check all the designs you post and see that they are not copyright protected.

I have to admit that I go there sometimes for that too as I sometimes use other designs as inspiration. But I never copy anyone else's design, and that is important.

I had problems with my first Swedish Fika design.
Which was pretty simple just a text with Swedish Fika in yellow and blue. There I had to rethink a little when I thought that simplicity was appealing to many.

I decided to do a total redesign of Swedish Fika when I saw great interest in my first design. I now wanted to do something a little more retro looking.

Here I got inspiration from old retro signs that I googled. Google is a great tool for finding inspiration for a design.

You often know which direction your design should go but you need to find a good feeling or a good color scheme for your design.

In my case, the colors are quite easy as they should go in yellow and blue as in the Swedish flag.

I wanted to have a cup of coffee in the design, and finally came to the conclusion that I have it in the background.

I got a little sense of yin and yang with the background.

I then put the texen Swedish Fika on top with a retro wave underneath.
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